Why Santa Fe’s Railyard Arts District is a Must-Visit for Collectors

No matter what kind of art you’re looking for in Santa Fe, you’ll find it here. But if you’re a contemporary-art enthusiast, you’ll want to spend some extra time exploring The City Different’s Railyard Arts District. This area, located close to the historic Plaza, is home to nine spectacular galleries. Each one is housed in an ultra-modern warehouse-style space, where the art takes center stage in oversized rooms with high ceilings and industrial walls and floors. Best of all, they galleries are all walking distance from each other, so you can easily spend the day getting happily lost and collecting new pieces to take home.

The Railyard Arts District is also home to one of Santa Fe’s most interesting museums, the world-renowned SITE Santa Fe. It’s the perfect place to start your day of exploration, and no matter when you visit, there’s bound to be a unique and special exhibition going on in addition to the permanent collections. Visitors to SITE Santa Fe encounter more than just painting and sculpture – there’s video art on display and textiles, too. It won’t take long to get inspired, and from SITE Santa Fe, you’ll be ready to venture out to the District’s many galleries and start an art collection of your own .

Eliot Norquist, “40 Inch Red Circle”

The galleries in the Railyard Arts District hold a diverse range of art from creators both local and international, emerging and renowned, and while they all offer contemporary pieces, they each specialize in something different – including affordable pieces. The galleries in the Railyard Arts District work together to create a sense of community for locals and visitors alike. Events like the monthly Last Friday Art Walk offer collectors the chance to meet, mingle and explore, and at Free Fridays at SITE Santa Fe, visitors on a budget are encouraged to find inspiration and excitement in the ever-changing exhibitions.

The Railyard Arts District isn’t solely for spectators, either. Visitors to the area have a chance to become artists themselves. At form & concept, a unique space focused on the melding of the art world and the design world, workshops are hosted on a regular basis.

The interior of form & concept’s warehouse space in the Railyard Arts District

The galleries of the Railyard Arts District are champions of local talent, and in addition to the world-famous international creators whose work can be found in some of the world’s top galleries, Santa Fe-based artists are represented just as enthusiastically and wholeheartedly.

At Evoke Contemporary, located right in the heart of the Railyard Arts District, the work made by emerging artists spans every category you can think of, and more, and stands easily alongside the work of the more established artists. A gallery that’s alive with fresh, youthful energy, it’s the perfect representation of what the whole District offers.

Lee Price, “Self Portrait Eating Cake,” seen at Evoke Contemporary

In the Railyard Arts District, you’ll see for yourself how inspiring The City Different is, and you’ll soon understand why it’s become such a hotbed of creativity over the decades.